Fashion design course

Course title: Fashion design Course

Head of the Course/Instructor: Nino Mirianashvili, Fashion designer
Course duration: 18 weeks, 112 working hours. 2 hours per day from 17:00 to19:00. Week days -Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Who should take this course: Everyone can study the course of Fashion design
-Those who wish to be distinctive.
-Those who want to know how to draw the sketches of fashion designs.
-Dressed up exclusively
-Dressed up in own production, according to own taste.
-With their sketches, build the pattern of the all fashion style and prepare for sewing

Course Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of English language
About the course: The course goal is
-To teach audiences of any age, artistic processing of the fashion sketches for different seasons.
-They will construct fashion style, Begs, shoe patterns and prepare for sewing.
-It is also possible to produce a few samples with simple material.
-Students develop appropriate taste, they are studying skeleton of the fashion style, Begs, shoes and their appropriate skills are developed.
-After completing the course, they will have the opportunity to use the knowledge in practice, as a hobby or at business level.

Course structure and content:
– Introduction, general overview, simple sketches of fashion style, Begs and shoes.
-Field practice, old Georgian fashion style, Begs, shoes and leather accessories design ( museum visit )
-Prepare basic skeleton , patterns
– Work on the material according to their own sketch and lekalo

Tools and materials:
Drawing sheet; pencil, eraser; gauche paint; water paint; brushes; Indian ink; pen, graft; pens; colored pencils; Pastel ( provided by students)
Thin and thick paper; Pencil; Eraser; Billhook board; Cutting (knife); Ruler (metal); Awl; Glue No 88; Hammer; Composite material. Sewing machine ( Provided by the LLL Center).

Course tuition fee: 2000 GEL

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